Connect + Inform + Transform

With empathy and curiosity as our guide, we seek to find the heart in every story, the wisdom in every teacher, and the transformation in every spirit.

We tell human stories that connect personally with deep insight, unbridled creativity and absolute non-judgement. Thrive’s content delves beneath the surface and explores emotions and beliefs that create our inner world, and how we relate to others.

Every path is unique, let's discover yours.

Who is Thrive?

Thrive is everyone… it's our healers, our leaders, our experts, our Indigenous wisdom keepers, it's our planet, it's you, it's me, its the collective us, all with one mission.

To return to ourselves.

To return home.

Our Mission

Thrive’s deeply-held purpose is to cultivate the universal impulse for connection and healing, so our communities, our world, and our children can thrive.

Our Vision

We’re building a world of self-transformation rather than self-improvement. We acknowledge the uniqueness of every individual journey, every innate gift, and every healing path. We are all on a journey. Thrive will connect you with yours.

Our Values

At Thrive, we support and value:


Build through
Empowerment, Courage & Curiosity


Build through

Connection & Diversity